Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trigger's Adventure

Last night before church, Trigger escaped, which is not uncommon. When he gets out, he is so hard to catch. But the kids went out after him, to try to catch him. He spotted a cat and chased it into the neighbor's yard and then up under their deck. He then crawled through a tiny hole, following the cat, and got stuck. He could not move. The kids found him, but they could not reach him. Trigger was whining and scratching, but could not get out. What made it worse is that the neighbors were not home, so we did not feel comfortable doing anything to try and free him.

Paul, Sam, Ben, Anna, Ellie and I had to leave for church, but Paul and Zack stayed home to try and free him. They were very concerned because his breathing was labored and had slowed down. In fact at one point, they were sure he had stopped breathing. We got home from church and he was still stuck and the neighbors still weren't home. Anna was almost beside herself. Paul and Zack tried everything they could think of to get him out, but he wasn't coming.

Finally the neighbors got home and Paul explained what was going on. They were so kind and told him to do whatever he needed to to get Trigger out. They ended up ripping up some of the boards on the floor of the deck to free him. When they got the last board off, out popped Trigger's head and out came the cat!

Trigger was a mess- he was practically orange from the clay. The boys gave him a bath right away and he spent today sleeping, recovering from his ordeal!

Paul and the kids spent today rebuilding a deck, mowing the neighbor's yard, pressure washing the deck and baking cookies to give to the neighbor. Thank God for kind neighbors!


Rebecca said...

Things are never dull over there are they???? :-)

Mia said...

I'm glad Trigger's ok! I'm sure he'll be kept on a short leash from now on!
-pun intended!-