Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We had a busy, productive day around here. We cleaned the entire house, deep cleaned my bathroom, finished all the laundry, got the van to the shop and gave both dogs a bath, not to mention cooking and taking care of the baby.

Whew. I'm tired tonight, but it's a good tired. Paul, Anna, Sam, Benjamin and I took a walk around the block tonight. Benjamin started fussing- he was laying down in his stroller. As I looked down on him, I saw that he was lifting his upper body off the seat! So we sat him up, and he was fine. He does not like to lay flat, unless he's on the floor under a ceiling fan. About half way through the walk, he fell asleep. He was so smiley today, and so wiggly. If he's laying on the floor, he's kicking. He kicks so hard and so much that he has red spots on the back of his heels. He's a funny baby and we sure do enjoy him.

Yesterday Paul decided to tackle some trees that were growing limbs too close to the house. He loves that kind of work! It makes me nervous to see him that high up, holding onto a running chain saw, no less! I leaned out of the bathroom window to take some pics of him. These pics are deceptive- it does not really show how high up he was. He was about 40 feet up! I'm glad he's done with that for a while.


Anonymous said...

The next time Tiger gets stuck in a tree I'm calling Paul!


V said...

Randy may ask to borrow PP tree stand to cut some trees down his self. Tell him that we saw a deer about an hour after he left today. :)