Friday, May 9, 2008

Benjamin at 11 Weeks

He's 11 weeks old today. And, he's slept till 7am or later every day this week except one. Yay! It's amazing how good sleep changes your whole perspective. He still loves his bath, still loves to roll around on the floor and still loves to be talked to. He's a great baby and we are so thankful for him. What a blessing he has been already to our family.
When we went to visit Leontine yesterday, the first thing she said after seeing Benjamin was that he looked just like me! A few minutes later, a nurse walked into her room, looked at Benjamin then looked at me and said he looked just like his mama. At Paul's conference, another lady said the same thing. 3 people within the space of a few hours said Benjamin looked like me. Isn't that funny? I've had a few people say that, but not many, so I enjoy hearing it. I looked at a picture of Ellie yesterday, and noticed that it looked like Benjamin. It is amazing how different people see different things in a baby. I told Paul that I wondered if I carried in a baby that was not related to us, how many people would say he looked like us!

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