Thursday, May 8, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

We're back home after a full day. Paul's conference got over around 1, and we drove an hour to see Miss Leontine. Miss Leontine was a vital member of our church until she suffered some health issues and moved into an Assisted Living Facility near her children. We miss her and take every opportunity to visit her. Since we were so close anyway, we decided to go see her. She loved seeing us, but I think she really enjoyed Benjamin!
It was a long ride home, and Benjamin did okay in the van, but he was tired of his car seat.You can tell he wanted out by the look on his face at this point! Paul surprised me by taking me out to dinner at The Blue Willow, a very popular place in Social Circle. It is set in an old, beautiful house, surrounded by a gorgeous garden. The food was delicious and we enjoyed looking at the flowers.
It's good to be home, and I know Benjamin is glad to be back in his own bed. Paul, Jr., Zack and Anna are headed to 6 Flags tomorrow for homeschool day. They wait all year for this and are all so excited. Paul and I are excited that we don't have to go! We went last year and decided afterward that this is not something that we enjoy anymore.

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