Tuesday, March 31, 2009


  • Sorry I've been so sparse on here lately. My laptop's screen has gone blank, so I don't have a computer at my disposal anymore. I have to wait to use either Paul's or Paul Jr's and I'm not always able to get on.
  • You've read about Trigger. We're still getting used to that.
  • Benjamin woke up with a fever on Friday afternoon. I took him into the doctor on Saturday and he has a double ear infection. As of today (Tuesday), his ears are still bothering him. I may run him into the doctor this evening to make sure the antibiotic is working.
  • Because he's been sick, he's not been sleeping well. Because he's not sleeping well, neither am I. He's had me up in the middle of the night for several hours the past few nights and today it feels as if it's all catching up with me. Paul graciously took the kids to the church this morning and let me sleep in. I felt like I could sleep all day.
  • Benjamin also fell out the front door and scraped the whole side of his face. He looked so pitiful. He loves to stand at the front door and look out. He had just sat down and someone came in and didn't see him because he was sitting and he tumbled right out on his face.
  • We had a great visit with my parents. They were here longer than their usual visit and we enjoyed every minute.
  • Ellie had a great time in Florida with them and a very nice birthday party when she got home. Next week we celebrate Paul's and Sam's birthday. I can't believe Sam is going to be 4. He's grown up so much in the past few months- lost all his babyishness (is that a word???). Makes me a bit sad. But he still likes to "holdy"!
  • Paul Jr. is working for the census bureau for about 10 weeks. It's a very interesting job and I think he is enjoying it.
  • I have pictures to post, but my camera battery just died. I'll have to do it later this evening- if there is a computer available! I've been spoiled by having my laptop!
  • Have a great day.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


In the first 16 years of our marriage, we had one dog, an older cocker spaniel that was given to us. We only had her a few years before she became sick and we had to put her down. As sad as it was, it was kind of a relief. We were not "dog" people. I had enough responsibility with taking care of 4 kids to worry about taking care of a dog. Don't get me wrong- I love dogs, especially puppies. But, I was waiting until my kids were grown to get another dog.

Fast forward to 2004. Paul and the boys had gone hunting and run into another hunter who had a pack of hunting dogs. These dogs were mountain currs, a breed we had never heard of. Paul was so impressed with these dogs and declared that he would love to have a mountain curr. We never thought that would happen. Pure breds are usually expensive and besides that fact, we had never seen another mountain curr.

Several months later, Paul got a call from a man in the church, Dale. Dale wanted to know if we were interested in taking in a dog that needed a home. Dale had known this dog for a few years and in fact, nursed this dog back to health. Dale loved this dog and would have taken him himself if he didn't already have a few dogs himself. Oh, and this dog was a mountain curr. Well, Paul couldn't pass this opportunity up, so he said yes, we'd take the dog. A few days later, Dale called and said that he was sorry, but someone had already taken this dog. Oh well.

A couple of weeks later, Dale called and said the dog was available again- do we still want him? So a few days later, Trigger came to our house for the first time. I'll never forget it. Trigger was afraid of everyone and everything. He slunk around the house, almost it seemed afraid to look anyone in the eye. He was abused as a young dog and it left him with some "issues". It took him quite a while to get used to us.

Not long after we got Trigger, we went out of town for a wedding. Paul's parents watched Trigger for us, and he got loose from them. He was gone for more than a week. We thought he was gone for good, but Dale found him and brought him back. That was the first time Trigger got loose, but certainly not that last. Trigger loved to get out and run and chase small animals. Once he escaped, it was almost impossible to catch him because he was so fast. He also was an escape artist, finding a way out of the backyard every so often. He would often wait by the front door for Sam, who would open the door and let Trigger out. It was not unusual for him to get loose several times a week, no matter how hard we tried to keep him restrained.
Last Saturday night, Trigger was let out in the backyard. He escaped. When he got out at night, he usually came back a few hours later, scratching at the door. If he didn't come back that night, he normally would be on the porch in the morning, so we weren't worried about him. Sunday morning came, however, and no Trigger. When we left for church, we still weren't worried about him. He always came home.
We got home from church and still no Trigger. Paul Jr. and I talked about him on the way home and how we hoped he would be there. I mentioned that I was concerned for him, but the thought of him getting hit by a car never entered my mind. I was concerned he was harrassing our neighbors, which he had done before. When we realized he wasn't home, Paul Jr. went out looking for him. No luck. We still weren't overly concerned.

About an hour later, our neighbor came to the door. She asked me if I knew where Trigger was. I immediately thought he was causing trouble for them. This was the neighbor where he had gotten stuck under their deck last summer and the only way to get him out was to rip up the deck.

"No" I answered. She got a worried look on her face. "I just came in the back gate and there's a dog laying on the side of the road that looks like Trigger" she said. I still wasn't understanding what she was trying to tell me. For an instance I thought she meant Trigger was by the back gate and we better get him. "How long has he been gone?" she asked. "We haven't seen him since last night" I said. She looked down as she replied, "It's probably him."
Paul Jr had heard the whole conversation and as I came back in he was already grabbing the keys to go see if it was him. I really didn't think it was him. I mean, he had been running off like this for almost 5 years and he came back everytime. Didn't he?? Paul was gone a while. A lot longer than it takes to get to the back gate and back to our house. We all were nervous. The phone rang. I answered it.

"It's him." My heart sank. I tried to keep the tears from coming just yet. Paul Jr had wisely taken him up to the church to get a large garbage bag to put him in so no one would have to see him. I went outside and told Anna and Zack it was him. Anna and I immediately started crying. I felt sick to my stomach. A few minutes later, Paul Jr. got home and he and Zack dug a hole back in the woods and buried Trigger.

It's now a week later and it's sinking in. But I still look around and expect him to be laying on the floor. We drive in and expect him to be laying in the sun in the front yard. But, of course, he's not.
He was a good dog. Bella missed him for the first few days, looking and sniffing around the house for him. Trigger was a unique dog and I doubt there will ever be another like him. We buried him in his beloved woods, where he loved to spend his days following a trail. We will miss him.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Ellie!!

Today Ellie turned 10 years old. I can't hardly believe that my baby girl is that old. It seems that for so long, Ellie was the baby and the young one; however, now she's not. She's one of the older ones. Sometimes it just blows my mind.

So, in honor of her birthday, here are 10 things about Ellie.
  1. She LOVES horses. She lives and breathes for horses. I'm not really sure how this passion came about, but she is all about the horse.
  2. Ellie is very quick in schoolwork. She picks up new concepts quickly and is able to almost teach herself already. She very rarely has any correcting work to do.
  3. She is a wonderful helper with Sam and Ben. She loves to take each of the boys either outside or in their room and play with them. She also is the main bath giver at nighttime and can also change a stinky diaper without complaint.
  4. She is a great cleaner. She can clean almost as good as I can, provided she wants to. She can also take a 20 minute job and turn it into 2 hours!
  5. She is the only one of my children to call me momma. She has never called me mom or mommy.
  6. Ellie played softball for the first time this past spring, and LOVED it. She also discovered she's not half bad at it either.
  7. She is in Florida for a week with her grandparents, loving it. It's very rare that she gets to be the only child, so I am sure she is enjoying every minute of it.
  8. Ellie is a momma's girl and always has been. She has always had to be near me or with me until not that long ago. She would always tell me when I left her that she would "cry about me".
  9. She loves clothes and always has. Once when she was about 18 months, she wandered off into my room. When we went to find her, she came prancing out, wearing as many of my clothes as she could put around her neck. She was sooooo proud of herself.
  10. She is a wonderful part of our family and I thank God every day for her.

Happy 10th birthday Ellie! Mom loves you very much.

Sam and Ben before church this morning.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Benjamin at 13 months

Benjamin turns thirteen months on Sunday, but today was such a beautiful day that I decided to take his monthly picture today. Being silly, as usual!
He enjoys stuffed monkeys. I have no idea why?

He makes this face when he sees the camera, or some version of this face.

He has improved his balance and is now walking without any problems. Of course, he still falls alot, but he has started walking without his arm straight up in the air.

He loves to play outside and to be free to go wherever he wants to. He's pretty good about listening and obeying when we tell him no.

He talks his own language. His inflection is right, but the words are babble. He says a few words, but not many. His newest word is "hey", said in a high, singsongy voice.

He still enjoys taking a bath. He eats alot. And then he will eat more. And more. No kidding, some days it seems he eats all day long!

The camera face!

The infamous Dziadul tongue. Just about everyone of my kids at this age(and their dad and granddad at their current ages) have stuck their tongue out in this manner.

Silly boy!

Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

My parents arrived Monday morning after driving all night to get here. We've had a fun few days with them. For some reason, I did not take many pictures while they were here- I guess I was having too much fun! Grandma and Benjamin playing bowling.
He did enjoy that game.

Not really sure what Sam was doing here.

The boys just weren't cooperative this morning for a picture. My parents left Thursday morning with Ellie. It was her turn to get to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma while they went to Florida to visit with my brother and his family and friends. We were all jealous of her as we watched their car drive away. They will return next week for a day or two and then head home to Kansas.


I can't believe it's been over a week since I last posted. We have made some progress on our bathroom/hall remodel, but are far from finished. The hall has been painted and a new floor has been laid. Benjamin showing you the new floor and paint color and his improving walking skills.
The living room got one wall painted so far. I need to paint the other two walls this weekend. I do like this color. It's a light brown/tan. It's amazing how a new coat of paint just cleans everything up.

We got rid of the computer hutch (it was falling apart), so I took the opportunity to move things around. I moved the piano in the dining room which freed some space in the living room to move the furniture around.

The newly arranged dining room. I think I like it!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Week

I'm back, sort of. I hooked a monitor up to my laptop and am using it that way. It works, but obviously is not portable. :( Here's some pics from our crazy busy week.

Bella and Trigger sharing supper.
I wish my kids shared like this. :)
Cute, cute Benjamin.
I just love this picture. Look at his chubby baby feet.

Our bathroom remodel. One of my children (who shall remain nameless) put a hole in the old tub. It was too damaged to fix, so we decided to put a new tub and surround in. While we were at it, we are replacing the floor, light fixture and wallpaper. I am thrilled because this is the only room that has not been touched in the 8 years since we've lived here and it needed a makeover desperately! Thanks to my amazing husband, we had the money to do this. Unfortunately, it was the money we were saving for new windows.
The bathroom is so small it's hard to get a decent picture of it. Don't worry; the green is not the new color- it's the color of the waterproof sheetrock.

While we were at it, we decided to redo the hall also. We put new carpet in when we moved in 8 years ago, and it is now gone and not a minute too soon! We are hoping to give it a coat of paint also.
Paul cutting wood.
Our new roof.

One VERY dirty little boy. He has discovered the joy of dirt and the outside.

Seriously, he really was this dirty just from playing outside.

This one is still walking with one hand straight up in the air. I guess it's for balance.

It is funny to watch.
He's still so happy.

My parents come Monday for a visit. We have a lot of work to do in 3 days.