Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Paul, Benjamin and I are in North Georgia tonight. Paul had an overnight meeting, and I decided to tag along. It's been an interesting day. His meeting is at a beautiful lodge/conference center that looks like it's in the mountains, but it's really not that far from Atlanta.

Benjamin has done ok. His schedule was off, so he was off. He is still trying to soothe himself to sleep. He did enjoy his bath though! All my kids have enjoyed a bath, but I think he enjoys it the most. He squealed as I laid him in the water tonight! He squealed several times during the bath-it was so cute to watch.

We will be home late tomorrow afternoon. It's so quiet in here right now, and I am enjoying that.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I enjoyed your blog with all the pictures! It's good to hear you're having some quiet time. Enjoy! Meesha