Sunday, July 26, 2009


It's the end of another Sunday and the beginning of another week. We had a different kind of a service this morning. We split up the ladies and the men and had separate teachings for each. Paul taught the men and I taught the ladies. He's been teaching through Ephesians 5, so I knew exactly what I was to teach on- how to be a Godly wife. Easy, huh??

I've been reading and researching all week and narrowed my outline down to three points: submission, respect and contentment. I was a bit nervous when I stepped behind the pulpit this morning, but my son Sam helped calm my nerves. He was walking out with all the men and looked back and saw me behind the pulpit. He was shocked!

"MOM!" he yelled, loud enough for all to hear. "Why are you preaching?" He was just flabbergasted that I was "preaching" and not his dad. It provided a much needed laugh for me.

Once I got started, God calmed me down and I rather enjoyed it. The ladies were very receptive to some very hard truths. I will say that I am glad I do not have to do this every week.

I'm typing this on my brand new blue laptop Paul bought me for my birthday. It just arrived on Friday and I have really been enjoying it. My old laptop (well, it's only 3 years old) still works, with some modifications. The screen blew on it, so it has to be plugged into a monitor, and about half the keys on the keyboard are missing. Ben has discovered that he can pull off keys, and he does it whenever he gets the chance. :( So, the kids are getting my old laptop to play on and I got this new one. I think I got the best deal. Thanks Paul.

We've got a busy week ahead of us. I've got to get some kind of plan together for school. The summer has slipped right by and I have nothing concrete for the upcoming school year. Sooooo, that is my main focus this week. We're also getting ready for our vacation, coming up a week from tomorrow. We are going to the mountains, only 2-3 hours from our home. We've rented a vacation home and plan to rest and relax all week while we're there. Everyone is really looking forward to it before school begins again.

Have a great week.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Year ago Today...

We were experiencing this.
A year later, it still amazes me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ben's New Nickname


He has decided he is going to do what he wants to do, no matter what anyone else says.

Oh baby. You're in for a tough few years.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It was another beautiful day here. The temps have been lower, but the humidity has been extremely lower, making for some gorgeous morning and evenings. It is so refreshing to walk outside and feel the cool breeze. I know it's not going to last much longer, but I will enjoy it as long as it does last.

Anna and I went to see My Sister's Keeper today. I had wanted to see it and she indicated she would like to see it too. I asked her if she knew what it was about, because it is a very heavy and sad movie. She told me she knew exactly what it was about and still wanted to see it.

She hated it. Some of the scenes were too graphic for her. The movie is about a teenage girl that is dying, and some of the scenes were rough to watch. And of course, it's very sad. I felt bad for her. I bought her popcorn, but she couldn't even eat it because the movie made her feel so bad. So, unless you want to see a very sad movie, I don't recommend it.

The kids and I went and jumped in the pool this evening. It was so refreshing! The water temp was perfect, and the weather was spectacular. One of those evenings where it is a joy to be outside. We don't get many of those in the middle of July in the deep south!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Beach

Tonight was so beautiful and comfortable that the kids decided to go to the beach for a swim. Paul and I went with Ben for a little while so he could enjoy himself also.

Welcome Home Feast

Paul, Jr. arrived home on Saturday after being gone for two weeks. He was attending the Summit, a Christian conference for college aged kids. He loved it! His dad was so happy to have all his children back home, he bought and helped cook a lobster and steak dinner!

The guest of honor who wouldn't let me take a decent picture of him!

Not sure what Ellie's face is about here!

The chef, hard at work.

Thanks dad.

Junior Camp

Last week, Paul, Zack, Anna, Ellie and Sam spent the week at Junior Camp. Paul was the speaker for the week, so he had the older kids come along and help him. Anna, Ellie and Emily led the camp in singing motions- they did a really good job. I went on Wednesday night so I could see them in action!

Sam had a blast all week. He thought he was one of the big kids and did just about everything they did. He loved all the singing and motions.

You can see in this picture that he got smacked in the eye with a board. Didn't slow him down one bit! He was one tired, dirty boy when he got home at the end of the week.