Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In the Blink of an Eye

How does this happen... in the blink of an eye?

Monday and Tuesday

Grandma and Grandpa returned to our house last evening. Sam and Ben were so excited to see them again. Grandma is always ready to play a game with them.
Ben was having a good time!
Grandpa and Ellie on the computer.
Grandpa and Emma. Not sure why that look is on her face!

Grandma and Emma this morning before they left.
Grandma and Zack.
I was trying to get as many pictures as I could of him!
Grandma and all the kids except Paul, Jr., who was already at work.

Zack and Emma. She loves him, and I think the feeling's mutual.
A few last minutes instructions from Dad.
Saying goodbye.
It was a hard goodbye this morning.
It was very tough saying goodbye to him.
I know he'll be back. But it won't be the same.
I just can't believe he's old enough to be doing this.
But I couldn't be happier for him. He is thrilled to be able to pursue his passion and I am thrilled for him.
But we sure will miss him.


Sunday was Zack's last service at our church. He, along with the rest of our family, has attended the Church of the Wildwood for 10 years. He was 7 when we moved here, so he's done alot of growing up in this church. He has been the church pianist for about two years now and has spent countless hours assisting his dad in whatever needed done. Paul called the men of the church up after the service to lay hands on and pray for Zack. It was very touching.

Paul's prayer was very moving and I was proud of him, that he got through it without tearing up.

Zachary will be sorely missed in our church.

Where has this week gone? (LOTS of pictures)

This is a baby COPPERHEAD that I almost stepped on in our driveway. I wasn't sure what it was and bent down to get a closer look and it slithered away. Paul didn't like the looks of it so he went after it, saw it was poisonous and killed it. My parents came a week ago Monday for a visit. The kids had a good time with Grandpa watching funny videos.
Ellie thought this video was very funny, apparently!
Grandpa holding Emma in her Yankees pajamas. She is destined to be a Yankee fan!
Grandpa, Grandma and Emma before they left to spend a few days in Florida.
Saying goodbye and getting lots of kisses.
The boys can never get too many kisses from Grandma!
It's always sad when they leave.
Daddy and Emma. Can you tell he's lost alot of weight??
Ellie put Emma's hair in a ponytail one night after her bath.
A closer look- isn't she cute??
The "little" kids.
Emma's "Elvis" hair.
Hunter Ben.
Just like Dad.
Superhero Ben. He loves to pretend he's a superhero.
Giving Emma a bath with my two helpers.
Ben wanted to wash her with the dish soap.
Kisses from Ben.
Kisses from Sam.
Sweet, sweet Emma Grace.
Love those blue eyes.
Paul and Benjamin.