Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sam's New Fishing Pole

Sam has been pestering his dad for a while for a fishing pole. He received some money for his birthday, so Paul bought him his own pole. He was thrilled and began to pester Paul to go fishing. Paul took him to some friends of ours that live on the lake last night. He had a blast using his new pole! He didn't catch a fish, but was able to reel in a big catfish on someone else's line. He has talked all day about that fish!

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Anonymous said...

Paul was just Sams age (3) when he first fished. We were on our first ever camp out with Tonys two Uncles and their families, Art and Don Phelps. I think had I given him a choice of giving up eating or fishing he'd have gone on a fast any day. Mom Dziadul