Friday, May 23, 2008

Paul Jr.

This is the slideshow we put together for his graduation.


V said...

I wish I could have been there too!!! I loved this clip of picture's. On some of them I could see how Sam looks like him. Maybe you could scan his speech and put it on here. I'd love to read it. Congrat's!!! One down...and 5 more to go!! :)

This healing process will be very long, but I tell you I have to make sure he putting the ice on his leg. Now his ankle is swelling because he has been up too much. Phew!! If I leave he walks around without his walker..Ha!!! The boy's ratted him out today. Because he can't bend his leg means he can't get up without one of us holding his leg. Please keep us in your prayer's. Two month's is looking like two year's.

Rebecca said...

I couldn't watch it all. I'm already feeling so horribly sentimental about my own I'm adding the neices and nephews into the mix!!!! The first group is all graduated and moving on!! Having this year with him at home will be a great help to you in making a transition. It's hard, Elizabeth! Good but hard. I'm gearing up myself to do it again.