Monday, May 5, 2008


Benjamin slept until 7:30 this morning. Yes, you read that right. 7:30!!! He slept 8 hours and 30 minutes last night. I was so shocked to wake up this morning and realize he slept that long. Praise God!

It was an odd Monday morning here today. Everyone was out of the house except Samuel, Benjamin and I. Paul was working with a family in our church, Zack and Anna were doing yardwork and Paul Sr. and Ellie were fishing. So Samuel and I decided to have our breakfast on the front porch. It was a beautiful morning and we took advantage of it. Notice his nightshirt. I made it, for Zack, about 12 years ago. I made a matching one for Paul, and they wore them alot years and years ago. I saved them, because of the sentimental value, never imagining I'd have two more little boys that could wear them. It did my heart good to see Sam wearing it. It also made me very sad to realize how much time has passed since Paul and Zack were that little. Time does march on.
Because it was so beautiful, I decided to take some pictures of Benjamin outside today. They came out fairly well. He even smiled in some of them. He is very smily and wiggly. He loves to lay on the floor and just move all around. He has also learned to enjoy the bath and moves all around while in the tub.
Tonight was the girls last softball game for the season. It was a beautiful evening and they each did very well. After the game they had a pizza party for all the ballplayers and their families. They ordered 61 pizzas and they was very little left. The kids all ran and played and the parents talked and fellowshipped. It was a very nice evening.


Rebecca said...

I see alot of Anna and Zack in him.

Anonymous said...

What fantastic pics Beth you are a photographer extaodinaire. I sure do appreciate your talent esp. since I tend to cut off heads and get crooked photos. I sure am happy to see you looking so much more refreshed. Yeah Ben keep up the power sleeps. Love your Mom Dziadul

Paul Sr. said...

That last picture reminds me of Moses in the bullrushes of the nile!

Anonymous said...

I recognized the nightshirt right away, and it made me miss those little florida boys. What great pictures, thanks.
Love, Mom

V said...

How precious, and I am so happy for you having your second round of "two" boys again. :)
I remember dressing my two oldest in the same clothes and when the third boy came he had 2 sets..ha,ha,ha!!! I love the picture's so cute.