Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The past few days

  • One word describes the past few days: HOT. Actually, it describes the past few weeks. We've had temps in the high 90's and 100's consistently. This weather is August weather, not June weather. Makes me wonder what August's going to be like. -The boys do love their little pool, although they think it's alot more fun with Anna and Ellie playing in there with them.
    -They haven't gotten to swim very much since the girls have been gone.

    -But they did enjoy themselves this day.

    -They look like frogs in this picture.
    -Ben has started this little game with Sam. He loves to hold onto the back of Sam's shirt and let Sam lead him around the house.

    -It's so cute to watch. They both have fun doing it.

    -Although I have seen Sam take a corner way too fast and slam Ben into the wall. Good thing that kid has a hard head!

    -Tomatoes from our garden. I thought they looked so pretty sitting on the windowsill.

    -Corn from our garden. Unfortunately, it looked better than it tasted.

    -Enjoying his mashed potatoes.
    -This boy does love to eat!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

25 Years

25 years ago today, I graduated from high school. As much as I think that over and over to myself, it is still a shock. 25 years. That's a long time.

I remember such a feeling of freedom on this day. Now when I look back, I think of a young, naive girl who knew very little about the world and very little about herself.

It also makes me think ahead. Where will I be in 25 more years?

(Can you find me??)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Gift

Paul only wanted one thing for Father's Day. He wanted the basement cleaned out and his tools set up so he could have his workshop. Zack worked hard this week to accomplish this.and even got David to help him one day. Paul was certainly surprised when he came down this evening. Viewing his tools. We bought him some more that he needed- he was surprised.
Finally, a clean basement!
He can't wait to begin his next project.

Happy Father's Day, Paul

You started out with two small boys who thought you hung the moon. It didn't matter at all to them that you weren't perfect or that you didn't have alot of money or that sometimes you were unsure of yourself in this journey of parenting.All that mattered to them, and to the two little girls who followed was that you loved them. And that you showed that love by spending time with them. Fishing. Camping. Hunting. Playing. Walking. Reading. Praying.

Those two little girls adore their daddy.
Now there are two more little boys whose hero is their dad. You are a blessed man and your children are blessed in return to have you. God smiled upon our family when HE sent us you. You are the perfect dad for your six children.

And we wouldn't trade you for anything.
Thank you for being a great dad.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day Dad.
I am proud to be your daughter.
I am truly blessed.
I love you.

Sunday Morning

The boys looked so handsome before church this morning. I decided to try and get a few nice photos. HA HA -see how well that turned out! Keep in mind that it was already 90 degrees out and we were running late. "NO SAM! Get your hands off me!"
Um, Sam, please put your tongue back in your mouth.
Now that's a nice one.
Ok, not too great but not too bad either.

Um, boys, I'm over here....

The best one of the morning.

Silly Benjamin

I'm not exactly sure what was going on in these pictures, but Benjamin was enjoying it very much! There was lots of laughing and screaming coming from their room.
Benjamin's new thing- sticking his tongue out. He comes by it quite honestly. His Poppy and his Daddy do the same thing.
It really is quite funny to watch.

He's really into it now!

Can't you just see the onery in this boy's eyes??

Thursday, June 18, 2009

21 Years and counting....

Who'd have thought, that the son of an auto body man from New England and the daughter of a preacher from the Midwest would meet and fall in love in Boston, MA?
Who'd have thought that 21 years later they'd still be madly in love? After 6 children, 6 dogs and 9 years in the deep south?
Who'd have thought that this young, young man would become a seasoned preacher who loves to proclaim the truth from God's Word? And a fun, crazy father who loves his children with everything in him?
Who'd have thought that God would use this young, naive couple and grow them up through the trials of life??
Thank you God, for doing immeasurably more than we thought or asked.
I am so blessed.