Sunday, September 30, 2007

Superman or Batman??

The other night my two older boys were arguing. Not uncommon around here, but I stopped to listen to what they were arguing about. One of them thought Superman was better and one of them thought Batman was better. I laughed right out loud that they were arguing over something so absurd. They asked me who I thought was better. Actually, I told them, I never really thought about it.

I was relating this to Paul later on that evening, sure that he would find it as humorous as I did. Are you kidding me? he asked. There's no question- Superman is better.

I sighed and thought to myself, at least I know where they get it from!

Friday, September 28, 2007


I went to the doctor this morning and my blood pressure was good. I was relieved. I will have an ultrasound in about 3 weeks, so hopefully (if baby cooperates) we will be able to find out if it is a boy or girl. It really doesn't matter to me. Yes, I would like a boy just so Samuel can have a brother close in age (and because I have boxes of boy clothes from Sam), but a girl would be fine too (hope she doesn't mind dressing in blue, because I have no girl clothes!). I think it's a boy, but I'm not real certain. I knew with Samuel that he was a boy, and I also knew that Paul was a boy. The others I had no clue.

This new medicine makes me so sleepy. I literally have slept for hours at a time the past three days. I am amazed that I can sleep so much and still be sleepy. Hopefully this won't last too long- it makes it hard to keep up with the house, kids and laundry.

I can't wait to meet our new baby. Sam, minutes after birth.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Where has the week gone that it is Wednesday already? I had so many plans for this week, but most of them have not happened and are not going to happen. Paul, Sr. and Zack have been gone all week while Paul preaches a revival at a church about 2 1/2 hours away, so I thought I would have some extra time to devote to various projects around the house. Didn't exactly work out that way. We've had 2 extra people this week in the afternoon/evenings, so things just sort of evened out and we ended up with the same amount of people here, the same amount of work involved in cooking and cleaning up, and no extra time. Oh well.

I went to the dr. today. The baby sounds great. In fact, the dr. had a hard time keeping the microphone on his/her heartbeat because he/she was swimming around so much. But the heartbeat is good and strong. I, on the other hand, am not doing so great. My blood pressure was very high. So now I am on two blood pressure medicines and have to go back in 2 days to make sure it is working. I'm sure it will, but for how long? This is what happened with Samuel until I got to 30 weeks and it went up again and I went on bedrest. I am already anticipating bedrest with this one, but pray it doesn't come until much later in the pregnancy.

I've been reading a blog for a little over a week about a family who had a baby girl with trisomy 18 (a fatal disease). They didn't know if the baby would even make it to birth, much less anytime afterward. She survived 8 days and went home this evening. What a testimony this family has had these past 8 days. How do you take care of and love a baby that you know is going to die? They did and they did it beautifully. If you want to check out their blog, the address is:

Have a nice evening.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

And it begins....

Paul and the boys left yesterday afternoon on their first hunting/camping trip of the season. I'm not even sure where they are at, but wherever it is, it is full of hunters. It is one week before the "official" deer season begins, so this hunt is an extra, one that many are taking advantage of.

They packed everything in the back of the truck after a morning of trying to locate the camping/hunting stuff. We are not the most organized family, and it really shows at times like this! But, they finally got it all together and took off, only to turn around and come back for the drinks they forgot! We hope they take some deer- we are all out of venison and I miss having it in the freezer and not having to buy ground beef.

Sam, the girls and I got up and out the door fairly early for us this morning. To us, fairly early is 9, especially when it's not Sunday. We went to the MOPS consignment sale just down the road from where we lived. We got there around 9:20 (it opened at 9) and the place was packed. We could hardly move in the huge gym they had it in. I looked around and found some winter clothes for Sam, and went to get in line. The line was down the middle, across the back and all the way up the side! I said forget it! So I put my clothes back on the rack and we left to do some other running around. We checked back at the sale when we were done, about 2 1/2 hours later. There were considerably less people, so we went in and decided to look around. I went to the rack where I had put the clothes I had gathered earlier, and to my surprise, they were all still there! The line was much shorter, so now Sam is all set for winter. I was hoping to find a bassinet, but no such luck. When I got there the first time, they were all sold!

The rest of the day we will spend cleaning- we neglected the house yesterday, and today it shows it.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Taste of Fall

We woke up this morning to a wonderful fallish day outside. It was actually cool, and we sat on the porch almost all morning, enjoying the weather and watching Sam play. His new obsession is baseball. We don't really know why. Paul went out and bought him a fat bat and a few plastic balls and Sam is now constantly asking anyone around, "You play baseball me?" This morning, when Sam was cuddling in our bed after he woke up, Paul asked him if Sam loved him. Sam replied, matter of factly, "No, I love baseball."

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sam's New Trick

He was so proud of himself for learning to stand on his head on the couch! Notice the diaper- potty training is not going well :(

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grandparents Day

As I'm sure you know, Grandparents Day was on Sunday. It got me thinking about my own grandparents. We didn't live close to either set, so we had a long distance relationship, with visits once or twice a year.

These are my dad's parents. The first picture was taken in 1944, when my dad was just a baby. The second picture was taken shortly before my Grandma died in 1985. I look at that picture of my grandmother with her babies and wonder if she realized how fast time would fly. Did she realize that before she knew it, her babies would have babies of their own? Sometimes the quickness of the passing of time frightens me. I'm sure, at that point in time, it seemed like her life would always be the way it was, it seemed like nothing would change. But now, her children are grandparents and probably will become great grandparents within the next few years.

These are my mothers parents. They were taken in the 1940's. My grandparents had 9 children, and my grandmother told me a few summers ago, they would have gladly taken some more. She said they welcomed each new baby that God sent them. As I look at these pictures and see the young parents, again I wonder. What were their thoughts at this time in their lives? Did it dawn upon them that life would not always be this way?

I guess I have been doing alot of thinking lately about how time tricks us into believing that life will always be this way. I remember thinking that when my boys were little. I had a hard time seeing past the preschool years- it seemed that I would always have little children and babies around. And I did, for quite a few years. But time marched on, and the little children have turned into grown men. And I don't know where the time went.

This is Paul's last year of homeschooling. Paul, Sr. and I talked last night about Paul's future. It was almost surreal. I guess I still don't fully realize that he is almost 18- maybe I don't want to face that fact yet. But it's coming, whether I want it to or not. He will turn 18 shortly before our new baby is born. And Zack is right behind him, with the girls following close behind.

I'm so glad God sent us Samuel and the new life inside. They bring life and joy to our home, for which I am so grateful. Yes, time goes fast. Yes, it is a little scary at times. But no, I wouldn't want it to stop. As much as it hurts to see my children growing, I delight in seeing them grow; in seeing them reach each new level of independence; in seeing them take on more and more responsibility; in seeing them become men and women of integrity.

Thank you Father for each child that you have sent to grace our home. May we never forget what a gift each one truly it. Teach us to make the most of each moment they are with us.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The First Flutters of Life

I have been very privileged to begin to feel the baby move. It seems as if I've felt him/her move every day this week. I know pregnancy is not fun, and labor and delivery are hard, but feeling that baby move makes it worth it. I've been through this six times, and each time, it is amazing to feel it for the first time. What a miracle.

Saturday, September 8, 2007


It's a quiet Saturday around here. Paul is gone with Anna and Ellie to a Father/Daughter campout. They'll be back anytime. I haven't heard from them, so I am anxious to hear about all the fun they had.

I am sick with a head cold/sinus infection. I am miserable. I think, though, that I am over the worst. I can't take anything, either, because I am pregnant. So I have gone through almost a box of tissues since last night.

I bought Sam some Diego underwear (Diego is one of his favorite cartoon characters). I'm hoping that will motivate him with potty training. He does ok, but does not initiate going to the potty.

Our first week of school went very well, even with me not feeling well. I gave each child (Zack, Anna and Ellie) an agenda, with everything they needed to get done for the week listed on it. They are motivated to check each item off. I like this idea, because I always forget to tell them something. And this way, if I'm not feeling well, they can proceed on their own. So far it has worked better than I expected. I know, it's only the first week, but hey, I'll take it!

Tomorrow is Sunday already. I tell you, the weeks just fly by. Before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be upon us, and then 2008.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday- the "Brand Loyal" Edition

Rocks in My Dryer ( is hosting a brand loyal edition of Works for me Wednesday. I don't have many products I am "brand loyal" too, but there are a few:

-Magic Erasers- I LOVE these. I spent maybe 5 minutes cleaning several pieces of art off my hall walls the other day. When my older children were young, cleaning up crayon/pen/pencil off the wall was an all day affair, usually ending in repainting. Just a word of caution- little children should not use these. I've seen pictures of young kids who have rubbed them on their face, and they left serious chemical burns. But, if you are careful, they are great.

-Arm and Hammer Laundry Det.- for many years I used only Tide. I loved Tide; however, I didn't love forking over all that money, and we went through it quickly. My friend told me she used A/H, and has 3 boys, and she said it got her clothes clean. So I tried it, and was surprised! Every once in a while I will have to wash something again, but it usually gets it all clean the first time.

Scott toilet paper- I know, not the softest; however,it lasts the longest, and with 7 people in the house, that is a priority. I have bought cheaper tp, but it didn't have the 1000 sheets and we ran out quickly. I have bought Scott since Paul and I were married 19 years ago.

Lipton Decaf. tea bags- tried the others and the tea was too bitter. Lipton makes it just right for our taste buds.

Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing- no other ranch dressing tastes as good as this. Even better is to buy the seasonings and make it yourself.

I'm sure there are more, but that is all my pregnant brain can think of. I've had a rough day; I have a head cold, my throat is sore, and I'm very nauseous. I actually got sick this morning, only the second time for this pregnancy. I keep waiting to feel better- I am almost 15 weeks. It's coming soon, right?

Wordless Wednesday

First Day of School, 2007

Paul-12th Grade
Zachary-10th Grade
Anna-6th Grade
Ellie- 3rd Grade
Samuel- General troublemaking and pestering

Monday, September 3, 2007


I don't know how or way, but my computer has recovered. I also don't know how long it will last, but I plan to take advantage of it while it works.

Our first week of no tv/movie watching has gone relatively smoothly. I don't think anyone missed it but Samuel and me. He came to me the other day, holding a movie in his upturned hands, looked at me with his big eyes and said, "Mama, I watch this movie??" It was so cute I almost said yes, but I said no, and he said, "OK", and went along his way. I only miss it at night, when I'm tired, but not yet sleepy. But even I am getting used to it.

We're back to potty training again today, with a break yesterday while we were at church. I need a few days with no interruptions, no trips to the store, etc., so he can really get used to the idea.

Here's a pic of Samuel relaxing... in the kitchen sink. Anna was doing the dishes, and put Samuel on the counter next to the sink so he could "help" her. Next thing she knew, he had his feet in. One thing lead to another, and he jumped right in. He lay there for quite a few minutes, and then he was done and wanted to play. Life with a 2 year old...never boring!