Friday, May 23, 2008

Paul's Graduation

My son, Paul, graduated from high school last night. He has been homeschooled for all but two of his school years, so his graduation was somewhat different from other graduations. We opted to do our own graduation ceremony rather than join in with the homeschool group here in town. We wanted it to be personal, and it was! I even gave a speech. I was nervous and could not figure out what to say, but once I sat down and started writing, it came to me. I was afraid I would break down and not be able to get through it, but I made it through to the last paragraph before the tears came.
There was one other dear man in our church who spoke and Paul's dad spoke. Then Paul Jr. gave a speech. He was so nervous but he did great. His dad finished the evening with a charge to him and then the men of the church gathered around him and prayed a prayer of blessing on him. Zack started the evening off with a prelude of beautiful piano music which ended with the traditional graduation march, Pomp and Circumstance.

It was a wonderful evening. I was so proud of Paul. He is a wonderful young man and I have a hard time believing he is now a high school graduate. His plans for the future are not set yet, but he has a few ideas. He will be staying home this next year to work and save money for college. God is so good to us!
After the ceremony, a bunch of us from church went to see Indiana Jones' new movie. My in-laws graciously watched Sam and Ben so I could go. As soon as I walked into the movie, I knew I should have just stayed home and went to bed and I ended up sleeping through half the movie! What a waste of a movie ticket! (BTW, none of us were too thrilled with the movie)


Anonymous said...

:( I was going to get to come with grandma and grandpa as a surprise... He has grown more!!! now I am going to be really short! I can't wait to see you all in July!

Rebecca said...

Mr. Paul looks so grown up and handsome!! Tell him I'll have to mail a gift now. Was going to send it with mom.

randi said...

Congrats on your son's graduation! We have finished with one of our kids and we have 4 more to go. Onward!

We saw the Indiana Jones movie tonight and I thought the alien part was kind of stupid. You would think that after all of these years, they could have thought of something better that that!