Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Epic Road Trip Day 11

Wednesday was the day we had set aside to tour Boston, although, we were in the city for several hours the night before.  And, Wednesday also happened to be my 51st birthday!  We slept in a bit (even though we really didn't want to, but didn't get to sleep until after 1:30 am the night before), got up, cleaned up the apartment in the church, packed the van and left.  We drove to the train station, parked the van, bought tickets, got on the train, rode to the first stop, got off and got right back on going back toward the van.  Why?  Because Paul couldn't remember if he had locked the van.  Since we were so close, we decided that he would go check, and then buy another ticket and we would get back on the train.  Otherwise, it would have bothered him all day.  Turns out, he didn't lock it and was so glad we went back.
                                The kids and I waiting patiently for him to return.

We had purchased a trolley tour.  We could ride the trolley from place to place, get off and get back on.  With the trolley also came a boat ride in the Boston Harbor.  We boarded the boat, and decided to sit down on the bottom floor, where it was air conditioned and had nice chairs.  Ellie and some of the kids went up to the upper decks, but Paul and I enjoyed the bottom the entire boat ride.

 Ben and Emma enjoyed the snack bar.
 The weather was perfect!  While it was hot, it was not that humid (at least to these Southerners), and the sky was amazing.
 The round building is where Paul worked security while we were in college in Boston.  Over 30 years ago!

 Jack came down from the upper deck to join us.  He also really enjoyed the snack bar!

We got off the boat and walked a short distance to catch the trolley.  Boston is so full of history; it seemed everywhere you looked was a sign telling what had happened in that spot so long ago.

 The Bunker Hill Monument

 Nap time for Jack.

 We got off the trolley in Chinatown for a late lunch.

 Someone got squid.
 After lunch, we got back on the subway and rode it to a store that Ellie wanted to go to.  It was a strange Japanese store, but she found what she was looking for.  We rode the train back to where the van was parked and headed to Connecticut.
 We were staying at Sun Valley the next few days at Paul's brother Ron's trailer.  The kids were so excited because of the lake, and the fishing, and the golf carts.  Paul and I were happy to have a few down days after being on the go the last few.  We arrived, and then Paul, Jack and I went to the grocery.
When we got back, he grilled me this beautiful steak for my birthday.  It was delicious!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Epic Road Trip 2017 Day 10 part 2

After the Old North Bridge, we headed to the train station, parked the van and rode the train into the city for the Independence Day festivities.  We were going to hear the Boston Pops from the shore of the Charles River, and then watch the fireworks.  We were excited!

 We were looking for a place to eat.  We actually ended up eating at the odd shaped building in the middle of the picture.

 We wanted to eat dinner in Quincy Market, but it was packed and very hard to find a place to sit.

 So we ate at the odd shaped building and it was very good.  Now, onto the concert!
 These are some of my favorite pictures of the trip.  The lighting was perfect over the city.

 The area for watching the actual concert was very small, so we ended up sitting in an overflow area.  This screen was huge and the sound was great.  There were food trucks all around.  Our one regret was that we had no chairs and had to sit on the ground.  We got there about 30 minutes before the concert started, and before the night was over it was packed, with no room left on the grass to sit on.

 It was such a patriotic concert.  In the beginning, when the Star Spangled Banner was played, everyone got up and sang along. I looked around and saw the police officers (there were many) standing at attention with their hands on their heart, saluting the flag. It was so moving, in this day and age, to see that many people singing the national anthem, and no one (that we could see) protesting.  Later on, they played the songs of the military, one by one, and the men and women that had served in that particular branch stood up and everyone cheered and clapped for them.  It was an excellent concert.  Right after the concert ended, the fireworks began and what a fireworks show it was!  It was set to music, and was so colorful.  We had a great view of the show!  Jackson loved it, until he crawled up in Ben's lap and dozed off, even though it was very loud!

After the concert and show was over, we tried to leave quickly.  The train/subway closed at Midnight (or so we thought), so we started walking that way, as did everybody else.  When we reached the subway stop, the line was up the stairs and well out into the street.  We knew if we waited in that line, we would probably miss the last train.  Ellie found a map on her phone and led us to another subway station.  Several miles away.  By this time we were exhausted, but we had to keep walking.  Poor Jack gave out and Ellie carried him on her shoulders.  Sam, Ben and Emma were amazing and never complained.  We finally got the to station and got on the last train out.  By the time we reached where the van was, it was after 1am and we had walked over 8 miles.  Wow.  What a day!  And we were getting back up the next morning and heading into Boston again.  We all literally fell into our beds that night.