Friday, May 2, 2008

Benjamin at 10 Weeks

10 weeks already! Honestly, I'm glad he's getting a little older because he seems to be losing some of his fussiness and sleeping a whole lot more. He has consistently slept between 5 and 6 hours each night. He found his fingers and quite possibly his thumb. We can hear him sucking at night- it's so cute! He also rolled over from front to back in his crib.
I like to compare each baby's weight, so if you're interested, here are their stats:
Paul- 11lb., 6 oz; 23.5 inches
Zack- 14lb., 14 oz; 25 inches (WOW)
Anna-12lb., 10 oz; 23 inches
Ellie-12lb., 4oz; 23.5 inches
Sam-12lb., 5oz; 23 inches
Ben-12lb., 11oz; 23.5 inches.

Benjamin is my second biggest baby at 2 months- imagine if he had started gaining weight from birth- he'd be huge!!


Anonymous said...

hes cute now but not at two in the morining from Anna

Anonymous said...

hes cute but not at four in the moring

Jamie said...

he's soooo precious!

Mia said...

Great pictures! It's amazing how much little Ben has grown already!