Monday, August 25, 2008

Sam's Head

Sam fell after church on Sunday onto the concrete floor and got one of the largest bumps I've ever seen. It was pretty scary looking at first, but after a few hours, it went down. Today, it's started to turn black. It's hard to see in these pictures, but it's definitely a goose egg! Thank God little children are so resilient, and like Paul always says, made of rubber!
(The largest goose egg I've ever seen belongs to Anna. She fell off the back of the couch onto ceramic tile when she was about 3. The doctor was amazed that she wasn't knocked unconscious, and it took weeks for her head to turn back to it's normal color.)

1 comment: said...

Sorry about Sam's head.
This is sorta funny, one son is orange and the other with black boo boo!
My Mom would say its time for the straight jacket!