Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 13- New Orleans

We woke up early this morning to the sound of a thunderstorm, it seemed right on top of the tent. Lightning flashed all around us as the rain poured down. It was so wet in the tent. The ground here is wet anyway and water seeped up through the bottom of the tent and drenched anything that was on the floor. The rain did stop around 9, and we were able to spend the day at the wave pool here in this state park.

Zack, Ellie and Dad loved the wave pool and stayed in it most of the day. Paul was in it for a long time also, but Anna, Ben, Sam and I left after only an hour. We went to the regular pool and enjoyed it. Ben went swimming for the first time and loved it. The weather finally cooperated and the sun came out. We ended up moving the tent out of the rain soaked grass and up onto the driveway. It was the only way to keep things dry as there were puddles of water everywhere. We spent the rest of the evening getting ready to leave in the morning and doing laundry- everything that got wet had to be washed and dried.

We leave for the panhandle of Florida in the morning- our last stop.

2 comments: said...

We had a lovely Sunday at church although missing a very important family! We will be glad when the gypsy family arrives home!!!

Much love from the The Creaths

Anonymous said...

Hayward did preach a great service. The family we invited were not able to come as Sherry was sick. We had Miss Jean and Karen Kirkland here for dinner. Our Service was down in number. Can't wait to see you all home. Mom and Dad Dz.