Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 14- Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Benjamin's first time in the ocean and he loved it!

We got up and left LA around 7AM. We were so glad to leave. The water on the ground was starting to smell and we were tired of being wet. The night before was hands down the hardest sleeping night yet. The a/c unit cooled down the tent a bit, but not enough. We were all hot. We moved the tent onto the pavement to stay dry and the pavement was hot. Plus, alot of us were sunburned from being out in the sun all day and 8 hot bodies do not a cool tent make! So to say we were glad to leave is an understatement!

We stopped for church in Mobile, AL at Pastor Stan's church. Paul knows him from camp and was thrilled to be able to attend his church. We did enjoy the service and the message on grace (which we needed after being on the road together for three weeks!), and then headed east to Florida.

The panhandle is so beautiful. They call it the Emerald coast because of the greenish tint of the water. When we arrived, we were happy with the state park- the stretch of beach there is undeveloped and not crowded at all. However, because of the tropical storm in gulf, no one was allowed to swim. So we drove into Destin and found a beach where swimming was allowed. It was beautiful and enjoyed by all, even Benjamin! He loved being in the water!

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soleil said...

Looks like a fun time!!