Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 16- Florida

Benjamin and I are sitting in Panera Bread; Paul and Paul and Sam are deep sea fishing, and the rest are at a water park. We are all doing our own thing today. I would have liked to do either of the other, but it's hard with Benjamin and I really didn't want him to be out in the sun all day. This is our last full day. It's hard to believe, but I know we are ready for home. Sleeping in my own bed sounds wonderful!


Vicki said...

We loved looking at the picture's..my boy's are looking at PP saying is that PP?? They haven't seen his facial hair before..ha,ha,ha..LOL!!

Glad to see you all had a really good time and it will be great to welcome you all back, you've been missed although the men have done a really GREAT job while PP was gone. Vicki

Anonymous said...

Yeah your finally coming home! We missed you. :)
Please let Pastor Paul know that my mom is back in the hospital with her heart again -just so ya'll can be praying for her. Can't wait to see ya'll on Sunday.


Rebecca said...

You've had some trip!! I woke up Sunday and thought, "They're still traveling!" It seems like you were here a long time ago and to think you're still on the road :-)

Jamie said...

Wow, too bad we weren't still in MS, you would've passed right by and we could've gotten together! Looks like a wonderful trip and I can imagine how much your pining for your bed!!!