Thursday, August 28, 2008

Around my house this week...

Look who is mobile and getting into everything. We bought him a walker, and he LOVES the freedom.
He figured out he could get into this drawer and get the stuff out! Guess which drawer is now empty, except for baby toys?"Yes, Mom. I am cute and I can do whatever I want""Who me? You're telling me no??"
Sam stepped on a yellow jacket and was in alot of pain for a while.
The only thing that seemed to calm him down was to sit with his foot in a bucket of cold water, which he kind of enjoyed. (Especially because it was nap time!)School timeCutie Pie
When I give Ben a bath, I have to make sure to have 2 washcloths. 1 to wash him with and 1 for him to suck on. And don't even think about taking his away!

Guess who had to try it and see if it was any fun???
His head has turned a lovely shade of green and yellow.
My boys!
You looking at me?? Don't touch my washcloth!
Blueberry Eyes.


Paul Sr. said...

too bad you didn't have video because the sound of him sucking the water out of that wash cloth is really funny.
I just sat there and had a good laugh the other night when I gave him a bath.

Rebecca said...

Very Cute!!