Saturday, August 9, 2008

And that's all!

I think I have posted on every aspect of our vacation. It was the trip of a lifetime (so far- I hope we get to do it again!), and we enjoyed it immensely. Paul said we could have called it "The Wonders of God's Creation" vacation, and he was right. The sights we saw were absolutely breathtaking and it was a blessing to our family to be able to view them together.

I want to thank my husband Paul for working so hard to make our vacation a success. He spent hours on the Internet finding the best places for us to visit and to stay. He kept us on budget and we were able to do most everything we wanted to. Thanks Paul- you did good!

I also want to thank God, for He made it possible. He provided for our every need and for many of our wants also, and He also made the many beautiful sights we visited.

And that ends the vacation postings on my blog! I'm not sure what I'll write about now, but I'm sure something will come up as we begin school in a few days and try to get back to normal.


Rebecca said...

These memories will stay with all of you for a lifetime!! I'm thrilled you guys got to do something like this before anymore graduations and they start leaving. Now back to routine and reality...which some days doesn't sound too bad :-)

Paul Sr. said...

Thank you dear. I am so blessed to be able to do life with you. I too loved taking in the great sites with you. God has blessed us indeed.