Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 10- Lake Livingston

We left Dallas around 9 am and headed south to Lake Livingston, a huge lake where the big attraction (at least for us) was the horseback riding. We arrived, and the men set up in the heat. Texas is HOT! The girls, Ben and I drove into town, to buy some food and to find a laundromat. We were running out of clean clothes. The only laundromat we found was closed! So we went back to camp, where the men were headed to the lake to cool off.

They fished in the lake to no avail, and we were all ready to head to bed. We sure did appreciate the a/c this night as the temperature only fell into the low 80's. We were not too happy with this state park. The bathrooms were not nice at all, and not air conditioned. The pool also was not open this day, and we found out the horse back riding was not running either. We are also starting to get weary of camping! The first part of our trip, the weather was wonderful. Now, it is becoming an issue with the heat and humidity. The thought of spending another day here was not looking fun to anyone.

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