Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Sunset Pictures

We had so enjoyed watching the sunset the night before that we decided to take everyone and do it again. This night, the sunset wasn't as spectacular as the night before, but it was still very pretty. Wow, someone needs a haircut! :) (and it's not the baby!)

So cute! But what you don't see is that seconds after this picture was taken, Sam dumped Ben face first into the sand. Poor baby, but he never complained and seemed to enjoy chewing on the sand.
Dad, please can I go swimming?? Please, please, please

Enjoying the ocean once again. The baby really loved being in that water.

All my children. Zack looks like he's in pain because he was! He had a terrible sunburn on his shoulders and back.
The one and only picture of all of us together on this vacation. Come to think of it, this might be the one and only picture ever of our entire family!

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