Sunday, August 31, 2008


Our dog, Bullet, cut himself severly last week. His paw bled for a while and then swelled up terribly. Paul decided he needed to see the vet, so he and Zack took him. The vet cleaned up his paw, probed around inside of it and gave him some medicine to keep it from getting infected. Worst of all, Bullet has to wear this cone so he won't lick his paw. He hates it. He can't scratch himself, he can't see and he gets stuck places. Poor dog! But, his paw is already much better, so he won't have to wear it much longer. He really is a nice dog and has grown on all of us (even Paul). Benjamin loves the dogs and tries to chase them in his walker. They, in turn, try to get away from him as quickly as possible.


Jamie said...

Oooh the poor dog...who wouldn't hate something like that!

Anonymous said...

sad face!