Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Operation Obey

Sam and Ben had the opportunity a few weeks ago to attend a birthday party for one of their friends.  I have been to many, many birthday parties, but this party was by far, the best!  It was built on a military theme and the title was "Operation Obedience".  From the time the boys arrived, they were treated as military recruits.  The boys LOVED it all!  Here is Sam getting his fingerprints done.

 Here is Sam taking his meds.
 Ben, getting fingerprinted.
 They even had the boys change clothes into military attire.  Ben got to wear this cool flightsuit.
 Ben and his friend Ben.
 Two adorable little Ben's!
 The whole class of rectuits.

 Benjamin doing the zip line.  It was kind of high, as you can see, but he LOVED it!

 The two Ben's were made military police and rode these 4 wheelers, patrolling the grounds, looking for offenders.  They even had tickets to give out.
 Sam on the zip line.

 The first ticket!  And it was to the birthday boy!

This was a great party!

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