Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 3 of the Blue Ridge Vacation- Sunday, July 1st

We were up and out the door for church a bit late, but still in plenty of time to arrive a few minutes early.  That all changed a few minutes into the trip when Emma put her fingers down her throat and gagged herself and threw up. (I've never understood why young kids do that!)  So, we pulled over to find out that Andrea had gotten carsick and thrown up also.  After some cleaning up and ensuring everyone would be ok, we drove the rest of the way to church and still arrived 5 minutes early.

Zack,  being Zack.
Paul and Zack, probably arguing over something insignificant. Somethings never change.
After church we headed to a local bbq joint for lunch.  Emma was ready to eat!
As was Ben.
The "big" kids table.

Garrett, who walked up to the man taking the orders and said, I'll take a pound of beef.  And he did, and he ate every bit of it.
Ellie, me and Emma
Emily and Ellie and Ben.

Paul.  Not much else to say about this picture.

Ben taking after his dad.

There's a nice smile!
Silly Boy!

After we got home from church, the 5 guys got their stuff together and left for lake Hartwell.  When we thought we were getting the other house on the lake, Paul booked a nonrefundable fishing trip for he and the guys.  So they had to take the tour, even though it was a 3 hour drive.  They decided to leave Sunday, spend the night near the Lake and get up early and go fishing. 

The girls and I stayed at the cabin and had a relaxing evening.  They played games and sat in the hot tub for several hours, and then finished the night out watching movies.

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