Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 4- Monday, July 2

Monday started as a lazy day, at least for the girls.  The men got up super early and headed to Lake Hartwell for their fishing trip, where they caught 16 fish and had a fun time.   The girls and I slept in a bit and then got up and cleaned the cabin, after which we headed to town for pizza and a grocery run (I can't keep food in this house- vacation makes everyone hungry!)  Here's a picture of some of the crew cleaning the fish.

 Samuel showing the catfish that was caught.
 Another fish.  They cleaned and fileted the fish and baked them for supper.  I am not  a big fish eater, but these fish were delicious.
 Later that evening, we headed to the River.  Paul and I came a few minutes after the big kids and this is all we saw of them for quite a while.  They were busy exploring the rest of the River.

 Ben wasn't sure at first, but once he got in, he loved it.

 Same for Sam.  The water was cold at first, but it felt so nice.

 The beautiful Toccoa River
 Of course, Paul had to make a big production of falling into the cold water.
 The boys loved it!

 Even I got in! (Not sure what the face was about!)

 Sam monkeying around.
 His rock "bulection" (collection).  He said, "Look mom.  I'm bulecting rocks!"

 The beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.
 A winding mountain road.
 Emma sat herself down in this crate and read a book.
What a silly girl.

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