Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 7- Friday July 6- On the Way Home

 Friday morning we all got up at a decent time and got to work.  Our plan was to be out of the cabin and on the road by Noon.  There was a lot of work to be done before we could leave and thankfully, everyone pitched in and cleaned and packed and made sure the cabin was the way we found it.  And, we were out by 11:45. Not bad for that many people!  Paul, Ellie, Garrett, Sam and Ben went straight home.  Paul Jr. had a headache and wanted to get home. 

 The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

The rest of us stopped at Mercier Orchards to browse and eat lunch.  It is an apple orchard, and a whole lot more.

 Apples and Peaches.
 They are famous for their fried pies.  Chocolate, peach, apple, cheese just to name a few of the many varieties.  Some of us tried them and loved them.
 Emma patiently waiting for a bite.

 Waiting for lunch.
 One of the waitressess heard that it was Emma's second birthday and bought her a chocolate pie.  The waitressess were all amazed at her curly hair.
 Then they all sang happy birthday to her.  She played shy.
 Part of the apple orchard.  Then it was on the road to home.  It was a very uneventful trip and we were all ready to be home.
 Especially Emma.
I think we tired her out!

This was a great vacation.  We so enjoyed our time at the cabin and our time away with family and friends.  Blue Ridge is a great vacation spot.

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