Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 6- Thursday, July 5th MY BIRTHDAY

Thursday was my birthday!  So Paul and I left mid morning with plans to meet his sister Sherry and her new husband Jere in Blue Ridge for lunch.  Paul and I stopped at Mercier Orchards first and looked around and bought some fantastic apples.  Then we headed to lunch.

 We ate at a very nice restaurant called Harvest on Main.  The food was excellent!  After a stop at Ingles for yet more food (!), we headed back to the cabin.
 And found Joseph sound asleep in the middle of a noisy, chaotic house.  I think he has grown up with lots of people and action around him- he's used to it!
 We decided to hike to the third waterfall in the area.  Paul stayed at the cabin to watch Emma and cook dinner and wait for Sherry and Jere.

 Another beautiful waterfall.  This hike, though considerably shorter was considerably steeper.  Like almost straight up!
 But the hike was worth it.
 And of course, they were right in the water as soon as we arrived.

 I guess nobody read the sign?

 The downhill path.  I was so glad I didn't bring Emma.  This path was full of large rocks and she probably would have tripped over everyone of them.
 Sam enjoying the wind blown hair look.

 My "cake".  My children knew I had not been eating sugary sweets, so they put candles into a watermelon.  I loved it!

 But then I did indulge.  This is nutty fagan.  It is my Grandpa Benzing's recipe.  It is not original with him, but he brought it to us and it is a legend in the Benzing family.  When I thought about what I wanted for my birthday, I immediately thought of nutty fagan.  I had been given Grandpa's recipe not that long ago, so I decided to make it his way for the first time.  And then the power went out.  ARghhh!  I was so looking forward to the nutty fagan!  Paul suggested we make it on the grill which was already hot from supper.  So we did and it was marvelous!
 Jere playing ping pong.

 Sherry providing stiff competition!

 The fire.  Ben waited all week to roast "marshfellows" over the campfire.

The finished nutty fagan over ice cream.   Ahhhh. 
We did have our family photo shoot on this day, but that warrants a blog post of its own!!

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