Friday, July 13, 2012

My Day in Pictures

 I deep cleaned the little kids room.  It's always shocking how many clothes they outgrow and how many broken toys they accumulate.
 It took me several hours.
 Hmmm.  One baby in this house has the right idea.  The other baby?  Not quite.  She sat on her potty with no diaper on only to leave a trail down the hallway.  We're still working on that.
 Here's the other baby, watching her favorite, Dora.  With no brothers to play with and no sisters to watch her, she's had the run of the house.
 A new kitchen light being installed.
 Hopefully.  I'm tired of the darkness.
 A tire iron.  Why do I have a tire iron in my living room?  Well, I put it here after I removed it from Emma's crib.  Apparently, one of her brothers thought it a fine toy for her to play with in her crib and it had fallen down and I didn't see it till I pulled the crib out today.
 Finally, a clean, good smelling room.  Well, at least until the campers get home tomorrow.
 A Deion Sanders rookie Topps baseball card in mint conditon.  I found this in a box in the kids closet and immediately ran to the computer to see how much it was worth.  It is worth a whole quarter.  What a disappointment!

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A birthday letter from my dad.  Notice to whom it is addressed.  I've been a Dziadul longer than I was an Adrian, but I guess not in his eyes.  Love you Dad!!

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