Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 2 of the Blue Ridge Vacation- Saturday June 30th

 My sister Rebecca and I.  212 lbs. lighter.  She's lost 93 pounds and I've lost 119.
 We are both very happy about that!!
 We decided to go see the fireworks over Blue Ridge lake on Saturday night.  I thought we'd all go, but most of the "kids" didn't want to go.  So it ended up being Rebecca, Cliff, Paul Jr., Ben, Emma, Paul and I.
 Uncle Cliff carrying Emma.  She likes older men, so he had been here a few minutes and crawled into his lap.  He didn't complain!
 Ben walking to where the fireworks were held.
 A blue balloon makes everything fun!
 Except for Ben who informed us that he was "weally, weally hungry" even though we had just finished dinner. This was his reaction when he realized he wasn't getting anything else to eat.
 Emma was happy the whole night.
 The beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.
 A rare smile for the camera from Paul.  And yes, he has hair on his face and chin.
 Emma gave her dad her glow stick to wear on his bald head.
 Love this smile.

 See where she watched most of the fireworks??
 They were laying on the ground.  The fireworks were right over us.  I have never sat so close to them and it was a bit unnerving.
 Downtown Blue Ridge.  Cliff, Rebecca, Paul and I went out for a nice lunch and left all the kids at home.
 Paul, the grillmaster.  He smoked us these two chickens and they were delicious.

 My sister Rebecca taking a walk in the heat.  She is a different person than she was a year ago.  We both decided that if we had to walk the distance in the heat that we did to watch the fireworks a year ago, we might not have made it.  This year?  It was no problem.
 Fun in the hot tub.

 Emily and Ellie playing Candyland.  One of them had never played it before, so they decided to play it.

Enjoying the hammock.

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