Saturday, July 14, 2012

Emma's 2nd Birthday

 Since we were traveling back on Emma's actual birthday (Friday, July 6th), we had her second birthday party on Saturday, July 7th.  Here she is in her new birthday dress.
 With her beautiful curly hair that seems to get curlier by the day.
 Her new birthday shoes.  I fell in love with these shoes.  So much so, that I bought them, knowing they would probably be too small.  (I got them at Goodwill, so I only paid 2.99).  Sure enough, she wore them for this picture and then on the way to the church (where we had the party) and by the time she walked down the hallway, she had enough.  She sat down, took off the shoes, never to wear them again.  sigh.  I was sad!
 Her Dora and Diego cake I made her.
 Her favorites- grapes and cheez balls.
 Some of the party guests.
 Uncle Andy
 Getting ready to blow out the candles.  She was so ready for this.

 She puckered up during the singing of Happy Birthday.  It was so cute.
 Ready, Get Set...
 This picture makes me laugh.  Ben could hardly contain himself to let her blow out the candles.  At the last minute, he lost all sense of self control, and blew as hard as he could.
 Again, Ben could hardly contain himself.  He wanted a turn with those presents!  See his hand, poised and ready to snatch it away from Emma as soon as he possibly could??

 I received several nice presents also.

 She got alot of babies and loved every one of them and pulled them all around in this wagon for a while.

 Bubba and Ben.  2 of a kind.
Emma had a wonderful party!  She loved every minute of it.  Can't believe she is 2!

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