Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Day of Blue Ridge Vacation- Friday, June 29

 We left Macon at about 8:45.  Not too bad considering the amount of people we had and considering that most of those people spent the day at Six Flags the night before and were very tired and considering that I was still not feeling well.  These two were super excited.
 After a couple of stops, including a massive grocery shop at Walmart, we arrived at our home for the week.  We love the cabin.  It is beautiful and comfortable and roomy.  It has 3 floors and we fill them all up.
 Ben was most excited about the "bubbly pool" and right away wanted to take a swim in it.
 Part of the beautiful porch.  This hammock has been in use quite a bit.
 Outside dining.   (Too bad it's so hot!!)
Fun in the jacuzzi!
 Anna watching the little ones in the pool.
Another favorite is the ping pong table.  It has been in use alot.
He was making crabs.
Paul and Emma enjoying the hammock.
Getting ready for dinner.  The amount of food we eat is amazing and a bit scary!!
They were showing me their sticks.
Ping pong again.

I have a few more pictures, but blogger is being stubborn.  I'll add more later.
We are enjoying being out here in the middle of nowhere, and it is really in the middle of nowhere.  It is about 30 minutes to get to stores and the lake and attractions. 
My sister and her husband and daughter arrived Friday night and we have enjoyed visiting and catching up.  Anna and Ellie were so thrilled to see Emily.

Onward to day 2!

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