Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 5- Tuesday, July 3

 Tuesday morning we awoke with some sad goodbyes.  The Powells were leaving.  As evidenced by the eyes of the girls in this picture, they stayed up very, very late, trying to squeeze in every minute they were together.
 Paul and Cliff.

 "Goodbye Aunt Beka".  Later that morning, everyone except for Emma and I went tubing down the Toccoa River.  It was a hot day and the river was very cool.  Everyone had a great time, including Emma and I.  I enjoyed a leisurely nap in the hammock!
 The tubing group.
 Zack and his dad.  Somethings never change.

 Joseph and Anna.  These two, along with Paul Jr., get the prize for doing the most dishes with great attitudes.
 Awww.  What a cute couple.

Later that evening, Zack and Andrea took Paul and I out for dinner.  We had a nice time with the two of them while the others stayed at the cabin and babysat and watched movies.

(UPDATED:  Seems I've forgotten that these next pics happened on Wednesday, July 4th, not Tuesday.  I know that makes no difference to anybody else but I wanted to set the record straight!!)
 Later that afternoon, a bunch of us decided to hike a few miles to a waterfall.  We brought all the little ones, hoping they could make the walk.  We needn't have worried.  Emma ran about the whole way.  She LOVED it!
 So did Ben.
 The big kids loved it also, but about gave Paul and I heart attacks with their antics.
 The waterfall was beautiful.  On this trail, there were two waterfalls, and this was the first one.

 The little ones and I at the top.  The boys loved throwing leaves and rocks in the water and watching them go down the falls.

Part 2 coming soon.

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