Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday, July 8th 2 days old

I love this picture of Emma. Here she is wearing a cap and gown that was Ellie's. I saved very little baby clothes, but I remember thinking this was so cute and not wanting to get rid of it. I'm so glad I didn't.
Paul went home and left Ellie to stay with me for the night. We had fun dressing Emma up and taking some more pictures.
She looks so pretty in pink, but part of the reason was because her skin was so dark because she had some jaundice.

I love this picture too.
Ellie and Emma. Hard to believe that the last time this little gown was worn, Ellie was the one wearing it.
This was our last night in the hospital. On one hand, I was glad, ready to be back home. On the other, while I was here, I was taken care of, had my meals brought to me, had my room cleaned, and had basically anything I asked for. Hmmmm. Just kidding. I was ready to be home.


Jamie said...

Congrats!!! She's just beautiful! Looks like her mommy :)

Gretchen said...


She really IS SOooooooooooooooo cute!!! Her little chubby face is just adorable!!