Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pictures of Emma's Birthday

Paul's first glimpse
What a big girl!
Taking it easy

Ahhhh! Feels so good!

The big brothers
The littlest big brother who couldn't wait to get his hands on Emma Grapes.

Sam loves her too, but was very concerned about me during this whole ordeal. He was not happy when I wasn't around when she was first in the nursery. He came right in my room and came right to the bed and laid his head on my arm. So sweet.
Big Sister
Another big sister.
Tired, sore, relieved mom.

I still couldn't believe how big that baby was!

And I was a little surprised with her hair.
Ben's big brother gift

A big stuffed alligator. Or as he says, adigador.

The girls could not wait to get bows in her hair.

He couldn't hold her enough. Look at his cute badge!
Sam loves holding her too.

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