Monday, July 5, 2010

The night before...

Less than 12 hours to go and I'm doing pretty good. I'm not panicky, not nervous, not anxious. I hope this peace holds out through the morning as they prep me for surgery.

It is almost surreal. I do not really like knowing the exact date and time of her birth. I didn't like it with Ben either. I would rather not know it is coming, because then you don't have as much time to think about every aspect of it.

People have asked me all day if I'm excited for the baby to come. Well, of course I am, but I really have a hard time getting excited until the c/s is over. Once it's over and I'm in the room, with the baby, then I will get excited. Then I will feast my eyes on the baby and drink her in. I love unwrapping my babies when I get them for the first time and examining every part of them.

This was a weird birthday. I forgot several times today that it was my birthday and couldn't figure out why people were giving me presents until I stopped and realized what today was. Paul took me out for a nice lunch and then we came home to a house full of people, cleaning. And boy did they clean! I can now leave in the morning knowing the house is clean. That is a gift in itself.

I'm going to try and get some sleep tonight. I said to Paul today that today was most likely the last day I will ever be pregnant in my life. And right now, that sounds pretty good to me!

Check back in the next few days- I'm sure I will get pictures up at some point. And thank you all for your continued prayers.

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