Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting Ready for Baby

I'm feeling all stressed out today. The baby is coming in 4 days and I don't feel ready. I'm sure all you other moms out there can relate- there are certain things I like done before I bring a new baby into the house and this time around, I'm having a hard time getting them done. Our house is in upheaval, due to the construction. Reminds me alot of when Sam was due- we were finishing the basement room and really needed one or two more weeks when Sam arrived. I keep telling myself that Sam was fine- he really didn't care! And I know that none of this will matter next week. But for some reason, it sure matters now!

Honestly, there's not alot I want to get done and the girls are going to help me today and tomorrow finish it all up. And, I have about an hour left of sewing on the quilt and it will be done, so we will get it done. It's just the waiting around, knowing my time is slipping away that frustrates me.

We've also had alot of personal issues crop up this past week- heavy burdens on Paul especially and those weigh heavily on both of us. Please keep our family in your prayers, for peace and joy and complete trust in God's sovereign plan.

And while you're praying, remember the c-section is on Tuesday at 9:30am. I am asking for specific prayer for when the anestheia is administered- that gave me a hard time with Benjamin and it is giving me anxiety just thinking about it for Emma.

But, I know God is good and will take care of me~


Anonymous said...

we are praying & will be on Tues! Just left you a note on f/b. Don't try to do too much right before the baby comes, then you will be all worn out! Work on your quilt & relax - ha-ha! Really, I do mean it!
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

We love you Elizabeth and are praying for you and Paul. Don't worry about everything getting done it will take care of itself. Just rest, finish the blankie, Love you much Mom and Dad Dziadul