Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zack's Graduation Surprise

This video was taken after his graduation and after he had opened all the gifts and cards. A couple in our church came up to him and handed him one more card. He opened it up and read it, which is what you see in the beginning of this video. About halfway through, you'll hear a man's voice say, "Here you go my friend. You're now the owner of a Volvo." And then you'll see Zack's reaction. He was shocked!

Zack has been giving their son piano lessons for several months now, and they wanted to do something special for him. This was beyond special!

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Chuck said...

It seems like just yesterday that I was a kid watching Paul Sr graduate from ECA. Your children have been given a great example of how GOD has blessed their parents (You and Paul)by living their lives for Him. You have given your son a great start and I pray that his Love for God continues to grow as he is now taken the next step into his life as a man. Congratulations to Zack and also to you and Paul for the dedication you both put towards the education of your children.

P.S. The only thing better would have been if his first car was a Gremlin like his dad's but I guess a Volvo is much safer! :)