Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a Day!

My second son graduated from high school today. Even as I write that, it is still hard to believe. It was a wonderful ceremony. Zack and another homeschooled young man from our church shared the service. They both outdid themselves.

Zack played an awesome piano solo. I told him it was the best I had ever heard him play. One of my friends, who was sitting right behind me, tapped me on the back when it was over and said, "Did you know he could play like that??" I chuckled to myself. Yes, I knew he could play like that, he does it all the time at home. But what he doesn't realize is that when he plays for the services on Sunday, people aren't really listening to him. And, he doesn't play like that for congregational singing. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed his solo. If you haven't heard it, I've uploaded it to my Facebook profile.

Anna gave a speech she had written about Zack. It was so sweet and I was proud of her for doing it. I then gave a speech. I thought all week about what to say and came up blank, until last night when I sat down at the computer and started writing and it all came together within 15 minutes. I was glad I had my speech all written out and didn't have to think about what to say. I saved all the "mushy" stuff for the end and was glad I did. I teared up but was able to finish.
Paul gave an excellent speech to Zack and a charge to live a Godly life.

Then it was Zack's turn. As he got started we all realized we were in for a treat. He did so well. His humor shone through and it was evident that he had put alot of thought into this speech. At the end he asked the church to pray for him and he said some really insightful, deep things, which just made his father and I tear up even more. He blew us all away. I guess I had never heard him give a speech before- he needs to do that more often! I've put the speech up on Facebook also.

What a great day. I am so blessed. Some days on this homeschooling/parenting journey are hard. Some days, I want to quit. Some days, I wonder if what I'm doing counts for anything. And some days, like today, take all that discouragement and doubt and replace it with gratitude and thanksgiving. What I'm doing does count, in these lives God has entrusted me with. Thank you Father for your Grace and mercy in my life and in the life of my children.

PS- I will put up pictures and his slide show tomorrow. It's getting late and I'm getting tired!

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