Sunday, May 9, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

The weekend passed by all too quickly. We had such a great time with our church family, camping, fellowshipping, sitting around the fire, singing, worshipping, eating, playing, etc. I am beginning to think that this years family camp was the best one so far. We had far fewer people than we had in years past, but this did not discourage; in fact, it lead to greater intimacy among the people attending. The theme this year was being a servant and the 3 times of teaching were just excellent. They were appropriate for all ages and the 3 men leading them did a great job. The schedule was loose and flexible and had lots of time for relaxing and playing, or if you were Ben and I, napping. :)

I will be honest, I was really not looking forward to going. Being 31 weeks pregnant and being woozy on the meds, I don't really look forward to going much of anywhere. It did take a little extra effort on my part and alot of extra effort on Paul's part, but that extra effort was worth it. He went beyond the call of duty this weekend, making sure everything was easy for me.

It was a great weekend.

PS- I'll post some pics tomorrow.

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