Friday, May 7, 2010

And we're off!

I'm sitting here, finishing up last minute things before Benjamin and I head down the road to our church's 4th annual family camp. He's actually finishing up his nap. I'm looking forward to this weekend of getting away with our church, fellowshipping and worshipping. This year is different for us. Because of my very pregnant state, we are staying in a cabin and sleeping in a real bed as opposed to a blow up mattress in a tent. While I'm thrilled for that fact, I will miss "camping" with the other campers. It is a wonderful experience of living in houses without walls, one that we really enjoyed the other years.

This year is also different because for many various reasons, our attendance is low, much lower than any previous year. But we're not discouraged. God knows who needed to come and those people are there.

Keep our church in prayer this weekend!

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