Monday, May 3, 2010

A Vapor

About a week ago, a young pregnant 29 year old mom of 3 received a troubling diagnosis. She had lung cancer, along with spots on her liver. The doctors were very concerned about her lung, so they decided to remove 3 lobes and then to deal with her liver after the baby was born.

While it wasn't a routine surgery, there was nothing to indicate that there might be problems. While on the operating table, her heart stopped. They got it started again after open heart surgery, and decided to deliver the baby to keep her safe. The baby was 27 weeks along.

Her heart stopped again, and they put her on life support. 4 days later, they made the difficult decision to turn off the machines and 5 minutes later, she was gone.

I did not know this woman. I had met her mom a few weeks ago at our church at a bridal shower for her younger sister. We talked, and it was evident the mom was so proud of her 10 children and she showed me several pictures of her family. How could she have known what was waiting for her a few short weeks down the road? How could Elizabeth (the young mother) have known when she tucked her young children in bed the night before her surgery, that it would be for the last time?

This is such a sad story. Her 3 children at home (all under 6) called their mom and told her goodbye the night before they turned the life support off. I'm sure they have no idea what that meant. Her new baby will never know her mother.

Paul and I were talking about the sadness of this situation and we concluded that the only way it made sense was to hang onto the fact that God is good. Yes, it is unfair from our vantage point, but that is where trust and faith come in. We don't know why and probably never will, but God does everything for good.

Please continue to pray for this family. Her name is Elizabeth Manley, her husband's name is Jon and her parents are Paul and Kathy Perry. The little baby's name is Megan and she is doing well, but still needs prayer. I know they will appreciate all prayers on their behalf.

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can't stop thinking about this as I go about my day! really puts things in perspective! None of us are promised our next breath let alone tomorrow & yet we sometimes think this is so unfair. the longer I live I understand more & more that God's plans are NOT our's - His plans are best! I do take comfort in that because we do not have His wisdom. sorry for the rambling!