Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • Paul is away tonight in TN with Ellie attending the wedding tomorrow of a young man from our church.
  • I would have LOVED to have gone, but I know myself better than that and knew I would have been miserable. It is about 5 hours away and my ankles and legs would have been twice their normal size by the time we got there.
  • I have been really uncomfortable this entire week. Lots of pressure and aches and pains and sciatica pain. Being pregnant is not for wimps!
  • We have another stray dog living on our porch. She is beautiful, some kind of a chocolate setter whom the kids have named Shelby. We are NOT keeping her! We are trying to find out where she lives, but no one seems to know. She seems to be the neighborhood stray, going from house to house.
  • Paul swears we get all these stray dogs because of Anna and her tender heart towards animals.
  • Paul and the kids got a garden planted this week. We're hoping it does better than last year's, which was very disappointing.
  • Can't believe May is about over. I'm still wondering what happened to April.
  • Zack is enjoying being a car owner, even after he had to pay for tags, title and insurance. He's hoping to get his license this week.
  • I go to the doctor on Monday to begin weekly visits and NST's. I'm 32 weeks, 4 days. About 6 more weeks to go. (After this week, it might as well be six years!!)
  • Good Night.

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