Thursday, May 27, 2010


  • Back to the doctor this morning for another NST for the baby. I'm proud to say she cooperated today and she did fine.
  • I also had another ultrasound and we discovered she has hair. She is not a bald baby!
  • The nurse today told me they wouldn't take her till 39 weeks. I've been banking on 38 weeks which adds another week. UGH
  • My blood pressure? 102/68 I know I couldn't believe it either. I think it's the supplement I've been taking.
  • My cough and cold are back for the fourth time this pregnancy. What a pain.
  • Ben has taken to calling the baby Elmo Grapes. It's kind of cute when he says it.
  • Summer is here- temps in the 90's today. Thank you God for air conditioning.
  • That's about all!

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