Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy 14th Birthday Anna!

14 Random Facts about Anna
1. When she was born, she had a head full of straight, jet black hair. By the time she was 2, it had turned blond and was very frizzy.
2. Anna was named for Paul's baby sister who died in infancy and for my Grandmother Benzing. (Ironically enough, at the Benzing reunion, there were 5 girls named Anna- and 1 other girl whose name was Anna Elizabeth!)
3. Anna is a natural with little children and babies. She is a nurturer and loves to play with her brothers and any other little children who may be around.
4. She is entering high school in the Fall. Now that is unbelieveable!
5. She is the most "Dziadul" looking of all my children, but somehow looks similar to me at her age.
6. Anna is very tender hearted towards animals and it seems every stray in the neighborhood ends up in our yard. Just this morning we had a dog on our porch and Anna was out there loving on it every chance she got.
7. Anna always has been and always will be a Daddy's girl. But that's not to say that we don't enjoy our "girl" time together very much.
8. Her requested meal on her birthday? Lasagna Her requested cake? Brownies and Ice Cream
9. Anna loves to eat, but she doesn't eat alot at any one time. She grazes, eating often through the day, reminding us so much of her Grandma Adrian.
10. She is an excellent big sister, often feeling bad for her siblings when they get into trouble.
11. Anna enjoys talking. And singing. All the time. :)
12. Her favorite subject in school is history. Least favorite? Math
13. Anna is a very good cook and enjoys cooking and baking, but not cleaning up.
14. She has grown tall this past year. As we were walking today I was noticing that she has almost caught up to me.
Anna, we love you and thank God that He put you in our family! You are one of a kind and I'm glad you're mine!