Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random Stuff on a Sunday Afternoon

  • Paul, Ellie and Sam are in NC this morning. Paul is preaching a mini revival at his uncle's church. They left Friday and will return tomorrow afternoon/evening.
  • The rest of us are taking it easy! We've had a relaxing few days, but will make up for it this evening and tomorrow.
  • We had a good church service this morning. It is always interesting to me to see who does not come when the Pastor is away and I'm happy to report that just about everybody was there this morning.
  • It was a good church service, but I missed Paul, as did Ben. As soon as we walked into church he said, "I wanna see Dad". It was hard to get him to understand that Dad wasn't there. And then at the end, he wanted to run down the aisle when the Doxology played and didn't quite understand why he couldn't.
  • It seems as soon as I hit the third trimester all the pregnancy aches and pains came on full force. I've been limping on and off (mostly on) for 4 days now because the baby is on my sciata nerve. Not fun at all. And the heartburn has seemed to increase in intensity also. She is moving so much (which I'm thankful for), but I can certainly tell she is getting bigger. Some of those movements hurt!
  • My laptop is all fixed!! I've been without it since December. Our computer guy had it until about February, trying to fix it. He then gave it back to Paul and it sat at the church until I brought it home a few weeks ago. I finally called Dell last Thursday and they told me I needed a new harddrive. I just assumed I'd have to mail the whole computer back, but no. They mailed me a new harddrive, which arrived less than 24 hours after I called. It took Anna and I about 10 minutes to figure out how to put it in and I've been on my laptop since then! It is SO NICE to have it back.
  • I guess I don't have any excuses not to blog more regularly now. :)
  • I'm off to take a Sunday afternoon nap.

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