Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This has been our third week in school, and today was the best day we've had yet. It has been so hard to get everything in and done- I have forgotten what it is like to school with 2 little ones. It has been over 9 years since that has happened and I must have blocked it from my conscious memory! (Just kidding).
Seriously, it has been hard. Sam and Ben are very time consuming (as they have every right to be). We've not been on a good schedule and have had a hard time getting everything finished. Today was much better. Our schedule was much improved and so was everyone's attitudes. :) So, hopefully we've turned the corner to a smoother, less chaoic school year.
Benjamin now sits up on his own like it's nothing. Sam did not get himself into a sitting position until he was 8 months old; however, Zack did it at 5 months. Benjamin weighs 17.12 pounds and is 27 1/2 inches long. He is in the 50 percentile for weight and 85th for length. As the doctor put it, he is long and lean. (Although he has quite a few cute fat rolls on his thighs!) I'll have to check on how big the other kids were at his age.

Goodnight from Sam and Ben.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. Sam and Ben almost look like twins they favor so much. I missed the Ben-fix this week but it is just as well because Drew and I have both had a nasty cold.

By the way-I am totally jealous of the whole Kirk Cameron thing. I had a HUGE crush on him in my teen years. He still looks the same. Can't wait to go see Fireproof.