Saturday, September 13, 2008


Look what miracle occurred around here today:

That hasn't happened in a long time and all week I've been trying to make it happen. For a few short hours, they were all empty. Now they are filling up again, fast. It was nice while it lasted.
I also spent a fair amount of time really cleaning my room. I won't tell you how much dust there was, but suffice it to say, I had to sweep the ceiling with a broom to remove it. It looks so much better to have the clutter piles gone and everything back where it belongs.

I do like my room and think it is very relaxing and comfortable.

The rest of the pictures are of Ben. (Big Surprise). He's so cute we can't stop taking pictures of him. Paul let him have a few licks of his ice cream bar, and boy, did that baby love it!

He was not happy when it was all gone.

What happens when your big sister gives you a bath and fixes your hair.Just a cute smiley picture.
In other news, today was the first weigh in for the biggest loser 2. We weighed in last week to get our starting weights, so today was the beginning of the contest. Paul and I thought we had lost a little-maybe 2 or 3 pounds and we would have been happy with that. We did great with our eating this week, but only got to walk a few times. (I need to add here that last week, we found out we had -cough- gained a "few" pounds from our vacation and the weeks since we've been home. I wasn't surprised and neither was Paul.)
I got on the scale first. I lost 9 pounds. Yes, that's right. 9 pounds. I don't know how I did it. I went over to tell Paul, excitedly, and he was shocked. Till he got on the scale and found out he lost 13.13 pounds. He almost fell over! The only thing we can figure is that we gained it so fast, maybe it came off easier??? Who knows! He, of course, won this week's prize which was a $50 gift card to Best Buy. He was thrilled!
So we're off to a good start. We know the rest of the weight won't come off so quickly or so easily, but we are basking in our great week tonight!

2 comments: said...

That is super about the weight lost! Keep going!
We're excited for you both!

The Creaths

Vicki said...

Congrat's on the weight loss, clean bedroom and empty dirty clothes hamper's. I know the feeling, but for us it doesn't last too long! :)

What eating plan are you all on for loosing the weight? You will have to share it with me. :)